#1 Rule To Mother’s Day Gift Giving

The Number One Rule To Giving Mother’s Day Gifts

Don’t Look Thoughtless!

Whatever you do on Mother’s Day, you have to make sure that it doesn’t look thoughtless. This doesn’t have to be harder than it seems.

Most fathers do not “get” the logic by which they are expected to be involved in preparing for Mother’s Day for their wives. The “What are you talking about – you’re not my mother” comment routinely makes it to Internet lists of the most thoughtless things that mothers say they have ever experienced on Mother’s Day.

Mothers have great expectations of their children. Fortunately, mothers are easy to please. It takes very little to get a mother feeling that all her hopes and dreams have come to pass. For instance, mothers often look closely at their gifts for signs of thoughtlessness. If there is none in evidence, life feels right. If you want your Mother’s Day gift to go well, make sure you do not trip up in any of these ways.

  • A gift that is obviously cheap can hurt anyone’s feelings, and mothers don’t deserve that. Great expense is not called for, usually – just something that involves reasonable expense passes the test.
  • Make sure that you don’t get a wearable gift that is the wrong size. The wrong size can make a mother think of how her own children do not know her. Gifts that are the wrong size can make a gift look perfunctory and “phoned in”. This can hurt.
  • There are other things that can make a gift look perfunctory. If your mother already has the article that you’ve chosen to gift her, your gift can only show her that you’re out of touch. Watching out for duplication is important.
  • Homemade gifts are a curious thing. They can look very cute coming from a young child. Coming from a 20 something (or 30 something), though, they are sometimes seen to look out of place. Unless a handmade gift has artistic value, it can be seen as a strange middle ground between cheapness and thoughtfulness.
  • Make sure your choice of gift is something that is not universally used as a punchline on late-night standup routines – like money or store gift cards.
  • Don’t put off preparing a gift to the last minute – nothing screams thoughtless as effectively as a Mother’s Day gift that arrives late.

So you know now what kind of gift you should not give. This knowledge doesn’t automatically lead you to the right kind of gift, though.

A gift that has the unmistakable mark of thoughtfulness is the best way to go. Depending on her interest, it can vary.  However, with a personalized gift, whether it is a personalized blanket, beautiful handkerchief, personalized jewelry, made just for her, it will sure to be a hit.

For even more thoughtfulness, you could keep in touch with your mother all year to find out what kind of plans or needs she has. If she mentions at some point that she just can’t find shoes that fit, that could be your opening. A day out together shopping for several pairs of shoes that fit would be wonderful on Mother’s Day.  Does she mention she chilly sitting on the sofa reading her favorite book or watching her favorite show?  A personalized blanket made just for her would be perfect for her to warm up.  Not only would it be buying her something nice, a gift like this would also show her that you  listen and care.

Perfect Mothers Day Gift - Personalized Blanket