5 Ways to Honor Your Families at Your Wedding (Part 1)

Five Ways to Honor Your Families at Your Wedding

Your wedding day marks the union, not just of you and your fiancĂ©, but also of your two families. Finding ways to honor the recent and distant past on your big day is a special, sentimental touch that shows how much the two of you look forward to becoming a part of one another’s lives. With the right personalized wedding decorations and other thoughtful details, you can give a nod to the past as you celebrate the start of your shared future.

1. Flame and sand.

Lighting a unity candle during your wedding ceremony is a beautiful way to symbolize the union of your families. When you choose a candle set to suit your theme, you can even include your mothers by having them light the taper candles that the two of you will use to light the central pillar. If you’re concerned about windy conditions making candle lighting difficult during an outdoor ceremony,unity sand vases are a great alternative. At the right time in the ceremony, each of you takes a vase and empties it into another vase, mixing the two colors to symbolize the joining of your families.

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