A Mother’s Day She Won’t Forget

Make this Mother’s Day special. Whether you are celebrating your wife, mom, grandmother, or another magnificent mother that is an important part of your life, this is the year to show her she shines. Plan a day dedicated to the things she most enjoys. Most moms are super busy and want the simple things in life like breakfast in bed, a neck massage, or a keepsake gift that can be enjoyed forever. Above all, Mom will love that you are making time for her.

Mother’s Day Morning

Wake up early and cook breakfast, but don’t forget to clean up the kitchen. If cooking is not your forte, some toast and coffee on a platter with a single flower will mean just as much as a gourmet spread. If there are multiple moms in your life, make it a family brunch outing instead of breakfast at home.

Show your mom how much see means to you by giving her a

Later in the Day

After the breakfast festivities are done, take mom to do something she enjoys. You can ask her what she would like to do, or surprise her with an idea of your own. Some thoughts to get your mind headed in the right direction:

  • Schedule a massage and manicure as a relaxing treat
  • Take a couple hours out for biking or walking through a state park as a family
  • Hit the local nursery and let her pick her favorite flowering bush—plant it in the yard in honor of the supermom she is
  • Take her to the wine and paint session that will be a blast
  • Catch dinner and a show at your local movie theater


A Day Just For Mom

Sometimes mom is so busy taking care of everyone else that she doesn’t get to take time out for herself. Put together a gift basket with a new book, some bubble bath, and her favorite chocolates and a soft monogrammed blanket she can snuggle up with. A keepsake gift is something mom will treasure. Let her sleep in as long as she wants and then spend the rest of the day lounging. Take the kids outdoors while mom catches a nap, or enlist the kids in a quiet chore time game so you can have the dishes and laundry finished before she wakes up. While outings are nice, a day at home may be just what mom needs to recharge.

Any plans you make for Mother’s Day will be a delight.  And while breakfast in bed might mean syrupy fingers on the white pillowcases, this is what mom secretly loves about Mother’s Day—the pleasure of her loving family.