Keep Your Relationships Fresh All Year Long

The key to a sustainable relationship is showing appreciation towards one another. With Valentine’s day here, now is a good time to remember to do more for your loved ones. Take the opportunity to incorporate some of these fun ideas into your daily routine, and continue them all year long.

Whether you’re nurturing a friendship or want to spice up a long-term relationship, we’ve got some super exciting ways to keep things fresh this Valentine’s and beyond.

1. Tell your loved one something you love about them on a regular basis. (Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Even something super-small will show them you care!) (Leave him or her a little love note in their bag that they will find when they get to work.)

2. Do something nice for your loved one without them having to ask. This can be anything from doing the dishes to buying a book they’ve been eyeing.

3. Make alone time a priority. Spend quality time with each other by cooking a favorite meal, or just hanging out on the couch sans cell phones!

So, that’s it! Incorporating these three simple rules towards your important relationships can create long-lasting prosperity and happiness.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

From My Heart to Yours