Why Monogrammed Wedding Blankets Make Spectacular Bridal Shower Gifts

Would an embroidered wedding blanket be a good idea….

If you have ever wandered aimlessly around a department store trying to decide between wine glasses and cheese tray, you know how difficult it can be to make a final decision on a bridal gift. Do you purchase something practical you know the soon-to-be-hitched bride can use or do you give a store gift card rather than make the wrong choice? One of the easiest ways to overcome your purchasing paranoia is to give a deeply romantic present that is sure to cause tears of joy. A monogrammed wedding blanket makes a spectacular bridal shower gift and will impress all in attendance.

A monogrammed wedding blanket can be personalized in a variety of ways. You can choose to have just the wedding date embroidered or you can opt to add the bridal couple’s initials too. You can even add decorative touches like intertwined wedding rings. If you want to give a personalized blanket just to the bride, opt for something special like her wedding date and wording like ‘today I marry my best friend’. No matter which embroidery option you choose, your present is likely to melt her heart with your thoughtfulness.


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